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For Sale

Notkwyta Ranch, Inc.

Kathleen Ewert

20009 62nd St

McLouth, KS 66054


We have a few 2017 fall Polypay ram lambs and a few early spring 2018 Polypay ram lambs for sale. Nice, growthy rams that have had BSEs and are ready to work. They were born twins and are from an accelerated, high health status flock. All are RR. Fall ram lambs sell for $650.00. Spring ram lambs sell for $550.00.

Posted October 12, 2018

N Kids Farm

Patrick Schloss

5420 Farrell Rd.

Dexter, MI 48130


Two sets of ewe lambs for sale. Six born in January 2018 and five born in May 2018. All should be ready to be bred for 2019 lambs. Two of these are 100% and the others are 50, 75, or 87% Polypay genetics. We value maternal characteristics and early fertility. In addition to great mothering genetics, these ewe lambs are daughters of rams that have great post weaning weight EBVs so you’ll get great growth from these lambs’ offspring once they’re off their moms. Lambs and their moms have never been dewormed. Our flock has tested 100% negative for OPP.

Posted October 12, 2018

Bear Valley Farm

Thomas & Sharon Bartmer

19914 107th St.

Bristol, WI 53104


We have beautiful Polypay ram lambs for sale. Born January-March 2018. Registered with the American Polypay Sheep Association. $150. These will make excellent breeders, and we’re hoping we can find them a good home. Most are from multiple births (twins, triplets). At this time, we’re only interested in selling to those who want to breed them or add to existing flocks. We have one multi-colored ram lamb (“Smokey”) - a real winner. We can deliver if you’re not too far away. For more information and photos, visit our farm website at:

Posted September 16, 2018