The Breed Standards

Physical requirements:

  1. Free of gross anatomical defects including entropion, parrot jaw, etc.
  2. Free of wool blindness
  3. Free of neck folds
  4. Free of extreme britchiness or coarseness of wool
  5. Ewes must be polled; scurs in rams are undesirable and should be discriminated against
  6. All wool must be white and have no more than 10% colored hair on the face or legs
  7. Be permanently and continuously identified by ear tags or tattoo prior to weaning

Pedigree requirements:

  1. Be the offspring of a registered Polypay dam and registered Polypay sire, or
  2. Be the offspring of the equally proportional crossing of registered animals of the four foundation breeds, (1/4 Rambouillet, 1/4 Dorset, 1/4 Targhee, and 1/4 Finn), or
  3. Be the offspring of a topcrossing program starting with F1 progeny that are the result of breeding a Polypay sire to a foundation breed dam or the breeding of a foundation breed sire to a Polypay dam. F1 female progeny and subsequent female progeny for three more generations will be bred to registered Polypay sires until the offspring are 15/16 Polypay.
  4. Members choosing to develop new lines using paragraph 2 or 3 above must submit their plan for the development of the new line to the board of directors prior to the plans implementation and may expect inspection visits from members of the board of directors. All matings, beginning with the original crosses, must be listed with the APSA registration office at a fee similar to the cost of registration.

Recommendations for Polypays entered in a public show or sale

  1. Be from multiple birth (twin or better)
  2. All ewes in the Yearling Ewe Class must have lambed