Join Us!

We are a collection of Polypay breeders who love the breed and are committed to promoting, advancing, and continuing the improvement of the Polypay breed of sheep. We would love to have you join us! As laid out in our bylaws, there are three types of membership available. These include:

  1. Active members: those who are actively breeding registered Polypay sheep, have registered sheep within the past 24 months, and who have paid their membership dues to the APSA. This membership includes all immediate family members residing in the same household.
  2. Associate members: those who have an interest in the Polypay breed but do not own registered Polypay sheep.
  3. Honorary members: those individuals or businesses who have made outstanding contributions to the Polypay breed may be elected to honorary membership. Honorary members shall be entitled to the services granted by the Board of Directors however that shall not include the right to vote.

Active members have the ability to post free classified ads on the APSA website, the right to vote (one vote per membership), serve on the board of directors, and hold office. Active members also have the privilege of reduced fees for registrations and transfers. There is also a newsletter that is sent to members several times a year.

To join the APSA, please complete the work order and animal registration forms.