January Directors' Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2016

Call number: 866-588-5787 Conference code: 2881249165

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:35 MT

Members present: Glen Jones, Brett Pharo, Diane Hermann, Jeremy Refshaw, Mark Meurer, Christopher Schauer, Chris Kaeb

A. Approval of the agenda: No additions

B. Approval of minutes of last meeting: No changes or objections; moved to approve by Glen Jones, 2nd by Chris Kaeb. Motion passed.

C. Treasurer’s report:

APSA Balance sheet 1/1/2016
Total Assets $25,637.11
Total Liabilities $4,014.80
Net Worth $21,622.31
APSA Earnings Statement December 2015
Total Income $842.50
Total Expense $490.95
Net Income $351.55

D. Sale Committee report: The annual meeting and sale will take place on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18 . All sheep will be exhibited for sale order determination at 4:30pm Friday, June 17th, followed by a traditional Junior show for youth grades 1-12. The annual meeting and banquet will take place later Friday evening. The sale is scheduled for 3:00 pm Saturday, June 18.

Moved by Diane Hermann that Jeff Ebert managed the sale at the 10% commission + $25/entry, which covers 100% of the sale cost to the Association, second by Mark. Mark – yes, Glen - no, Chris Schauer – yes, Chris Kaeb – yes, Diane – yes, Jeremy – no, Bret – yes. Motion passed.

Moved by Diane to charge consignors an additional 1% above the commission charged by Jeff Ebert, 2nd by Mark. Motion passed.

Chris Kaeb moved to approve the amended National Sale Letter, 2nd by Glen. Glen – yes, Chris Schauer – yes, Chris Kaeb, - yes, Diane – yes, Jeremy – yes, Mark – yes, Bret – yes. Motion passed. Amended Sale Letter is attached.

Jr. Show judge will be decided by the committee, likely using a judge that is in town for the other shows.

E. Let’s Grow Grant: Appointed Chris Schauer to chair a grant committee to potentially pursue a Let’s Grow Grant. If anyone wants to be on the committee, please contact Chris.

G. Online Work Order form is not working. Chris will contact Associated Registries and Carol Wise to find out why it is not working. Chris checked on it, and isn’t haven’t any problems.