May Directors' Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2016

Call number: 866-588-5787 Conference code: 2881249165

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm MT

Members present: Glen Jones, Brett Pharo, Diane Hermann, Jeremy Refshaw, Mark Meurer, Christopher Schauer

A. Approval of the agenda: No additions

B. Approval of minutes of last meeting: No changes or objections

C. Treasurer’s report:

APSA Balance sheet 5/1/2016
Total Assets $24,421.61
Total Liabilities $3,839.55
Net Worth $20,582.06
APSA Earnings Statement April 2015
Total Income $860.50
Total Expense $1,337.05
Net Income $-476.55

D. Let’s Grow Grant: Chris briefed the board on the funding that was granted for the FEC project through Let’s Grow. Moved by Glen to accept the grant $, 2nd by Jeremy. Passed unanimously.

  • FEC Project Committee: Chaired by Chris Schauer
  • Committee: Jerry Sorrenson, John Anderson (?), Diane Hermann (?) Billed: to Chris Schauer’s address

E. NSIP #’s on Registration certificate: Glen briefed the board on being able to use the NSIP 16 digit # as the registration # for the registry. Jeff at Associated Registries indicated it is possible to do it; NSIP breeders would have a 16 digit registration # that was the same as their NSIP #, non-NSIP breeders would continue to have the traditional registration #.

F. Colorado Address: We need to have a physical address in Colorado. Currently, Bill Hardman fulfills that need, but we maybe need to look for a replacement. There is only 1 other breeder in CO at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm (MT).