August Directors' Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2016

Call number: 866-588-5787 Conference code: 2881249165

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm MT

Members present: Brett Pharo, Christopher Schauer, John Anderson, Jeremy Refshaw, Bryce Freking, Kathy Ewert, Chris Kaeb, Mark Meurer

A. Approval of the agenda: Let’s Grow Grant added to agenda

B. Approval of minutes of last meeting: No changes or objections; C. Treasurer’s report:

APSA Balance sheet 8/1/2016
Total Assets $30,377.92
Total Liabilities $9,457.00
Net Worth $20,920.92
APSA Earnings Statement July 2015
Total Income $1,878
Total Expense $1,977.66
Net Income $-99.66

Discussed a 12 month CD. Interest rate was 0.6%. Consensus was not to do it.

D. Sale Committee Report (Kaeb, Freking, Ewert, Taylor, Meurer): Bryce Freking - Talked to Al Conover about doing next year’s National Sale in the 3rd week of June. He will touch base with us again this fall. Nobody has talked to Todd about doing it in WI. Discussed locations: Brookings and Watertown, SD, WI, MN (Pipestone), IN (northern), OH (already having eastern NSIP sale in 2017), MI. Bryce volunteered to be the chair of the Sale Committee.

E. Bylaws Committee (Jones, Refshaw, Kaeb, Schauer): Nothing done to date. Glen was chairing it. Chris Schauer will send an e-mail to Glen to follow up on sending something to the committee for consideration, then will forward on to the board for a vote.

F. Credit Card for Associated Registries payments by producers: John Anderson moved to accept credit cards, with producers paying the fees. Bryce Freking 2nd. Passed unanimously. Bret will let Associated Registries know we approved it.

G. Late Fees: John Anderson suggested dropping late fees on registrations, but not transfers. Chris Schauer moved to waive the late registration fee for 1 year, starting November1, 2016, through October 31, 2017. 2nd by John Anderson. Passed unanimously.

H. Registration number issue: Chris Schauer moved to allow a NSIP 16 digit code as the Registration # for the APSA pedigree through Associated Registries. Chris Kaeb 2nd. Mark Meurer – no, Jeremy – yes, Kathy – no, Bryce – yes, John – yes, Chris Schauer – yes, Chris Kaeb – yes, Bret - yes.

I. Let’s Grow Grant: Article should be out in the next ASI newsletter as well as other publication. 814 lambs accounted registered, 337 completed with 2 producers sire cards. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm (MT).