November Directors' Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2016

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm MT

Members present: Brett Pharo, Christopher Schauer, John Anderson, Jeremy Refshaw, Bryce Freking, Kathy Ewert, Chris Kaeb, Mark Meurer

A. Approval of the agenda:

B. Approval of minutes of last meeting: No changes; Moved by Bryce, 2nd by Chris Kaeb. Passed.

C. Treasurer’s report:

APSA Balance sheet 11/1/2016
Total Assets $26,997.88
Total Liabilities $5,544.36
Net Worth $21,453.52
APSA Earnings Statement November 2016
Total Income $782.50
Total Expense $421.40
Net Income $361.10

D. Let’s Grow Grant:

  • $1,788.46 remaining for 2016
  • Article was published in the ASI newsletter
  • 737 lambs tested from 11 producers, 82 blood cards
  • Data on all lambs, still waiting on some sires and some blood cards
  • Will send out a reminder for reimbursement this week

E. Sale Committee Report (Kaeb, Freking, Ewert, Taylor, Meurer):

  • Sale Proposal: Berrien County Fairgrounds in Berrien Springs, MI on June 16-17. Auctioneer/sale manager has been secured.
  • 5% for only sale day
  • 9-10% plus entry fees for putting together the catalog and entries Association takes 1%
  • Fairgrounds facility rental: $425 – 500 (auditorium is $150) clean-up cost: $200 ??
  • Moved to approve the Sale Proposal by Chris Schauer, 2nd by Chris Kaeb. Passed unanimously.

F. Bylaws Committee (Jones, Refshaw, Kaeb, Schauer): New proposed Bylaws was distributed via e-mail. Bylaw changes were discussed. No action taken.

G. Registration Form (John Anderson): Registration form modifications were discussed, with no action taken. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm (MT)