April Directors' Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2017

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm MT

Members present: Brett Pharo, Christopher Schauer, John Anderson, Bryce Freking, Kathy Ewert, Jeremy Refshaw, Mark Meurer, Chris Kaeb

A. Approval of the agenda:

B. Approval of minutes of last meeting: No changes; Moved by Bryce, 2nd by Chris Kaeb. Passed.

D. Let’s Grow Grant: $1,077.31 remaining for 2016

  • Article coming out in newsletter summarizing last year, and advertising for this year.
  • Financial report for last year and funding request for this year is going out in the next week.

E. Registered Agent:

  • $100 - $300 for a registered agent in CO, depending on level of service
  • Info on INCORP distributed digitally ($100/year) – would be our legal address, but they wouldn’t file our taxes
  • Discussed moving our corporate office to a state with more members, such as MN, IL, IN, or IA
  • We are in good standing with the Secretary of State in CO
  • We will wait and see what the accountant Kathy Ewert is working with suggests regarding moving our home office to a new state, after April 15, 2017; moved by Kathy, 2nd by Chris Schauer, Passed.

F. Charge for Meal:

  • Moved by Bryce, 2nd by John, to set the meal price at the National Sale at $20 for adults and $10 for kids. Motion passed.

G. Age limitation on brood ewes for National Sale:

  • Discussed age of brood ewes for the national sale. No action taken.

H. Plan to transition from 9 to 7 directors, if new bylaws pass:

  • Moved by Bryce, 2nd by John to drop a board member every year until we get to 7, if the new Bylaws are approved by the membership. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned