June Directors' Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2017

Present: Brett Pharo, Mark Meurer, John Anderson, Chris Kaeb, Bryce Freking, Kathy Ewert, Mark Van Roekel

Brett Pharo called the meeting to order.

Bryce Freking mentioned that we could save the APSA money by using a free conference call service. Conference calls had cost about $400.00 dollars in the last fiscal year. It was agreed we would try a free service for our next conference call.

The board discussed the 2018 National Sale and what could be done to improve on the 2016 sale in Springfield IL, and the 2017 sale in Berrien Springs, MI. It was mentioned that there was not a good turn-out at either event by commercial producers looking for rams. Discussions on how to improve the sale in the future were wide ranging and topics included: advertising, sale location, time of year, using venues with concurrent sheep shows/sales or events (ie Sedalia), and improving participation by current APSA members.

It was agreed that this discussion would continue, and that input from APSA members would be sought to help with the decision making for the 2018 sale.

Submitted by John Anderson