December Directors' Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2017

Present by phone: Brett Pharo, Mark Meurer, John Anderson, Chris Kaeb, Bryce Freking, Kathy Ewert, Mark Van Roekel. Not present Jeremy Refshaw

1. Mark Van Roekel moved that we accept the Treasurers report presented by Chris Kaeb and the minutes of the last meeting that ended on November 20, 2017. Bryce seconded. Motion passed 7 yes, 0 no.

Chris Kaeb mentioned we have $25,500 in the treasury, which is a $1500.00 increase year to date.

2. There was a short discussion of the offer by Pat Schloss to take over management of The American Polypay Sheep Association web page. Pat is a Polypay producer in Michigan and presented the board with a design for the web page. Pat is offering to do this for the Assoc for free, thus saving the Association several hundred dollars per year. Mark Van Roekel moved that we accept Pat’s offer, Chris Kaeb seconded. The motion passed 7 yes, 0 no.

Brett said he had received no negative feedback on the November decision by the board to drop the National Sale in 2018.

Bryce gave an update on the process of moving the Corporation from Colorado to MN. Kathy mentioned we would need to have this all wrapped up by March 15, 2018 in order to make the 2018 deadline. Brett mentioned that the Auctioneer at the 2017 National Sale in MI had not paid APSA the 1% of sales he had agreed to pay.

Since the APSA is holding the 2018 National Convention at Spencer on Friday evening the night before the sale, there was some discussion about APSA sponsoring a lamb dinner before the national meeting. There may already be a meal in the works, so that idea was tabled for now.

3. Mark Van Roekel made a motion to adjourn, Bryce Freking seconded. The motion passed 7 yes, 0 no.

Respectfully submitted.

John Anderson, Secretary.