Directors' Meetings and Annual Membership Meeting

July 26, 2019

Annual Membership Meeting

  • Chris Kaeb gave the Treasurers Report. Chris reported that in 2016 APSA expenses exceeded income. In 2018 accounts were positive, in 2018 income exceeded expense by $2,800.00 and as of July 26 2019 we were in the black about $1,800 ytd.

  • A brief discussion was held on advertising for the Sedalia, Spencer and Wooster sales. Ads were placed through several state shepherd organizations as well as the APSA quarterly newsletter and the Shepherd.

  • Membership is up 25% over 5 years ago. Registrations were down a bit in 2018 but were trending up in 2019.

  • Corporation business. The APSA board had looked into moving the Corporation address to from Colorado but it was decided to leave the address in Colorado. A registration service based in Colorado was used to help with this process.

  • APSA did not have a national sale again this year. The most recent APSA National Sales were well attended by members and consignors but prices were soft. The board had decided based on membership surveys to cancel the National Sale and couple the Annual Membership Meeting to one of several possible events to be determined by surveying the membership. Spencer received the most votes from the membership.

  • Brett Pharo and Bret Taylor met in August of 2018 at the USSES in Dubois Idaho to discuss research involving Polypay Sheep. Based on that meeting Dr. Taylor was invited to talk at the Annual Membership Meeting in Spencer. Dr. Taylor presented a very interesting talk. Producers and geneticists worked together to start the PP breed. 1978 was the first year the USSES coded the first composite PP.

    • Currently the Station has 450-500 PP and is looking to increase the flock size. PP rams sell well at the Station’s sale, with wool producers showing a lot of interest. PP are valued for milk, mothering and rugged ewes for range conditions. Early PP were selected to accelerate, but many western breeders were not interested in this trait at first. Currently there is more interest in the west in fall lambing or accelerated lambing.
    • The USSES PP flock is being entered into NSIP and is likely to show up there some time in 2020.
    • Dr Taylor ended his talk by asking us to stay involved with sheep research and political developments that may influence support for sheep research.

Board meeting held after the Annual Membership Meeting

Location: Clay County Fairgrounds, Spencer Iowa.

Present: Mark Van Roekel, Bryce Freking, Chris Kaeb, John Anderson, Brett Pharo.

Absent: Kathy Ewert, Jeremy Refshaw

Brett Pharo called the meeting to order.

  • Minutes of the July 10 meeting were approved.
  • Election results
    • There were three positions open on the APSA Board. Three members ran for those three spots. Kathy Ewert, Bryce Freking and John Anderson.
    • Officers were chosen for the new board. Brett Pharo was elected President. Bryce Freking Vice President, Chris Kaeb Treasurer and John Anderson Secretary.
  • Committees
    • Advertising – Bryce, John, Chris and Mark
    • Sale and Financial – The board as a whole.

Respectfully submitted,
John Anderson, Secretary