Directors' Meetings and Annual Membership Meeting

July 24, 2020

Annual Membership Meeting

Brett called the meeting to order.

Brett mentioned that Sedalia, Spencer and several other sales were canceled for 2020. There was a discussion about the 2020 online sale for NSIP sheep. That sale was run by Willoughby Livestock Sales and was held on July 8, 2020. Most agreed the Polypay sheep sold well.

A discussion followed on possible sales in 2021. There could be 4 or more significant sales with Polypay Sheep held both online and on location.

Bill Hardman mentioned perhaps all the APSA board meetings could be held via Zoom to help members stay in touch. There was also a suggestion to have the 2021 Annual Meeting and National Sale held via Zoom. Zoom might make it possible for membership to hear the invited speakers and see any presentations. In 2019 members could call in to hear the meeting via conference call, although there were not many people who tried that option.

Chris Kaeb reported APSA is on solid financial footing and asked if there are other services we can offer members. One suggestion was to organize another starter flock program. In the past APSA offered money to go toward buying a with members donating ewes. Caroline Scheffert suggested offering scholarships toward starter flocks. The observation was made that in years past some of the starter flock recipients did not keep their flocks very long. A suggestion was made to offer starter flocks to older youth with more resources. In years past APSA considered starter flocks for ages 9-18. There were suggestions that if this program was re-started it might be targeted toward 15-25 year old members.

John Carlson mentioned a grant could help breeders get involved in genotyping. Perhaps APSA could offer matching funds for such a grant. There was agreement that we should be open to helping with a genotyping study involving PP sheep.

Another idea was to get the Association more involved in finding mentors for new producers. One thought was to have the APSA assign volunteer mentors to any producer seeking help.

The 2020 National Meeting was adjourned at 8:47 Central Time.

Board meeting held after the Annual Membership Meeting

Location: Held via Zoom call

Present: Brett Pharo, Bryce Freking, Chris Kaeb, John Anderson, Kathy Ewert, Jeremy Refshaw, Mark Van Roekel, Mark Meurer

Brett Pharo called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the June 17, 2020 meeting were approved.

Two nominations were made for the new president of APSA. Brett nominated Mark Meurer, new and past board member. Kathy Ewert seconded. Mark Van Roekel nominated Kathy Ewert. Mark Meurer seconded. Mark Van Roekel asked the two nominees for their thoughts on important issues the APSA board should address. Mark Meurer suggested growing the membership of APSA would be a good goal. Kathy Ewert suggested we should invest in genomic testing to improve the breed.

Voting was by text and Mark Meurer received the most votes. Mark Meurer took over the meeting as new president. Congrats Mark!

Mark asked for nominations for Vice President. Mark Van Roekel nominated Bryce, Mark Meurer seconded. Vote was unanimous.

John nominated Chris Kaeb for Treasurer, Bryce seconded. The vote was unanimous

Kathy Ewert nominated John Anderson for secretary, Chris Kaeb seconded. Vote was unanimous

Committees were discussed. The National Sale and Financial committees are composed of the entire board. The Advertising committee will be Bryce, Mark Van Roekel, John and Chris.

Mark Meurer asked if there should be any new committees. Kathy suggested a youth committee. Jeremy and Bryce will be on this committee with Kathy.

Bryce mentioned that the Association had been buying a ½ page add in the Shepherd and we send out an email blast before the National Sale, Sedalia and the Eastern Sale. APSA has also been advertising in 10 state associations communications.

Brett agreed to continue writing the APSA newsletter. Brett suggested the President should put an article in the newsletter and suggested other board members should try to do the same.

Mark M would like to proceed with Zoom meetings for the regular board meetings.

Kathy suggested we have the next meeting in a couple of weeks.

Bryce motioned to adjourn. Mark V seconded.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. central time.

Respectfully submitted
John Anderson, Secretary