August Directors' Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2020

Present by Conference Call: Mark Meurer, Mark Van Roekel, Kathy Ewert, Chris Kaeb, John Anderson, Bryce Freking, Brett Pharo (past president)

Absent: Jeremy Refshaw

Secretary report

  • Minutes from the previous meeting on July 24 were approved.

Treasurer report

  • Chris Kaeb gave the treasurers report. Chris also mentioned we should get Mark Meurer’s name on the APSA account and have Brett Pharo’s removed. The bank requires proof of APSA’s 501c3 status.

  • John moved we accept the Treasurers report, Bryce seconded, motion passed 6-0.

  • Chris motioned we take Glenn Jones and Brett Pharo (past presidents) off the APSA account and put Mark Meurer on the account. Mark Van Roekel seconded, motion passed 6-0.

  • Chris also checked on the APSA bond, the board as a whole is on that bond so no action required.

Committee reports

  • Sales committee report
    • Marked Meurer asked about what sales APSA might sponsor in 2021.
    • At this point we are planning on having the 2021 National Meeting at Spencer. There was discussion about other sales involving Polypay Sheep in 2021 but that discussion was tabled until the fall meeting.
  • Advertising Committee Report
    • Bryce said we usually have a ½ page add in the Shepherd each issue and advertise in 10 or 12 state association newsletters some months before the sales start in the summer.
    • ASI advertising is 40/yr to have the Association contact information in the listings.
    • Mark Meurer asked if APSA should do a PP promotion at the ASI Convention in Denver. John said he would look into that. The Lamb summit was also mentioned as a possible place to promote PP sheep via a booth or table.
  • Youth Committee Report
    • There was discussion about how APSA could encourage youth to start a flock of PP sheep. Kathy mentioned that in Kansas there was a program where youth would apply for help with a starter flock. Each application was scored. Winners would be given money to buy ewes. Rams were not supplied. In future years those youth that were accepted into the program would pay back part of their initial start-up money. Many of the ewes were donated. KS accepted applications for starter flocks from youth 12 to 25 years old. Program participants gave a presentation on how their first year went.
    • Bryce mentioned MN had a program in which youth were sold bred ewes and winners supplied ewe lambs back into the system for future applicants. This system avoided the need for a ram the first year of a project. Applicants need to present a production plan and keep a balance sheet if selected. Ewe lambs were sold at 150/hd.
    • It was noted these two programs teach production principles to youth.
    • Chris mentioned that in any new starter flock program APSA might start participants could write an article for the PP newsletter. There was discussion of having youth pay back initial loans, so they would have some skin in the game.
    • Mark M suggested the youth committee come up with a plan to present to the board. Kathy suggested the program would probably start in summer of 2021.
  • Newsletter Report
    • Brett Pharo agreed to continue writing the Newsletter.

New Business

  • There was a discussion of the purchase of Mountain States Rosen by JBS and how that might affect the lamb industry in the USA.
  • Mark Meurer talked to John Carlson about the possibility of APSA supporting genomic research that would improve the PP breed. This might be in the form of financial support.
  • Kathy mentioned Flock 54 Genomic Testing from Superior Farms. Some of the Flock 54 testing is to find genes not currently known to be a problem in PP sheep, ie spider lamb, although there were some areas of interest like fecundity. Another company possibility was Igenity by Neogen. Kathy thought we might have to develop our own database if we went with Igenity as they do not currently have a sheep database.
  • Kathy suggested we look into cost and gather more information. John is checking with Joan Burke of USDA Dale Bumpers Small Farm Research Center. We would need enough samples for statistical significance. Flock 54 is looking for 10,000 DNA samples with production data to go with them. Bryce thought we might be able to get 4000 samples/year with PP sheep with production data.

Mark Meurer said the next meeting will be in October or November.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 central time.

Respectfully submitted,
John Anderson, Secretary