August Directors' Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2021

Via Zoom

Present: Mark Van Roekel, John Anderson, Bryce Freking, Mark Meurer, Kayla Inbody, Kathy Ewert, and Matt Chadwick

Pres. Meurer called the meeting to order and began with introductions of all on the call.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary report was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Committee Reports

  • Sale - In holding pattern, plans need to be made by new years for the new sale online in spring, agreed to discuss specifics at next meeting.

  • Advertising - Michigan Shepard News advertisement renewal due for $75.00, Bryce volunteered to contact and resolve.

  • Genomics - Waiting on notification on pending grants.

  • Youth - Starter flock information forthcoming from Jeremy to be posted on website for review.

New Business

Committee Assignments

  • Discussion was held on the need for a Genomics Committee, decision was made to appoint John Anderson and Kathy Ewert to Genomics Committee.
  • Sales Committee- Mark Van Roekel, Bryce, John
  • Advertising- Mark M. Matt, Bryce
  • Youth- Jeremey R., Kayla, Mark M.

Annual Meeting

  • Transfer papers and mailing options
  • After brief discussion it was decided that Mark would ask Jeff at associate registry if it could be arranged for them to mail papers directly.

Old Business

a. Bryce made board aware of his plans to top cross using a Dorset Ram b. Kathy Made board aware that she was registering top crossed ewes