January Directors' Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2022

Meeting was called to order by President Mark Meurer.

Roll Call: Mark Meurer, Bryce Freking, Matt Chadwick, John Anderson, Mark Van Roekel, Kayla Inbody, Kathy Ewert

Secretary’s Report

Report from previous meeting is available on the Polypay Association website for all.

Treasurer’s Report

No major changes for reported for the treasurer report.

Committee Reports

  • Sale - i. Online Fall-Born Sale: Scheduled for March 15th, standard health requirements, all entries will be sent to Mark VR, pictures will be sent to Willoughby 7% commission, $5/head fee up to 50/member to APSA. Details of the sale were discussed.

  • Advertising - Sale will be advertised in the Shepherd, and Bryce will seek out press sources for other magazines, Matt Chadwick will write up an official sale press release. Sale on Willoughby is already posted

  • Genomics - Information forthcoming on when and how to collect data.

  • Youth - Starter flock application on the website.

New Business

a. Winter Newsletter- Online sale information, and good advertisements b. Corporate Filing- Mark M. Completed c. Membership Listing- Removing members that did not pay 2021 dues.

Old Business

Rhino/Dozer Lamb Research Support- Kathy is submitting information and sample pictures for the newsletter to submit samples. After much discussion Kathy made a motion to give $5000.00 to research this project further, John A. moved to amend Kathy’s motion to $3000.00, Kathy seconded John’s amendment, motion was withdrawn after discussion. Bryce motion to table this until next meeting, and invite Brenda to meet with board to answer questions. Kathy seconded motion, all voted to approve. Meeting to occur within the month.