June Directors' Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2022

Secretary’s Report

Report approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Reimbursement request.

Committee Reports

  • Sale

  • Advertising
    • Banner Magazine
    • ASI Magazine
  • Genomics - Nothing new

  • Youth - Starter flock winner

  • Dozer/rhino lamb

New Business

  • Pedigree issues due to genomic testing- Bryce is working on a proposal for the July meeting to present at the Annual Meeting in Spencer.
  • Online Registrations – Mark Van Roekel presented the information he found about online registrations. Estimage $540.00 annual fee and $500.00 initail set-up for association. After much discussion it was decided that we would present this information at the annual meeting.
  • National Sale 2023 - After much discussion it was decided to combine the “Fall Born Sale” and a “National Sale” together under the title “National Sale” and this was kicked to the sale committee for further work.

Old Business

  • Board nomination/ballots - President Meurer presented the three nominations for the three open board positions.
  • Annual meeting - Annual meeting will be Friday July 29, at 8pm in the 4-H Building at Spencer, IA. Our portion of the rental for that facility is $125.00