Directors' Annual Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2022

Clay County Fair Grounds - Spencer, IA

Welcome/Introduction of Board

  • Call to order by Pres. Mark Meurer.
    • Welcome and introduction of current board members
    • Welcome to those on Zoom

APSA Membership and Registration Update

  • Currently 84 Paid Member
  • 769 Registrations and 439 Transfers so far in 2022

Financial Report

Treasurer, Mark Van Roekel reported a balance of $36,084

Starter Flock Winner and Introduction

President, Mark Meurer introduced Neimiah Stokes from Gaines, MI as the winner this year. The APSA awarded him a $1000 grant to purchases of a starter flock of Polypay sheep.

Grant Update

USDA AFRI Grant: “Improving Robustness and Climatic Resilience in the U.S. Sheep Population Through Genomics” (Ron Lewis, PhD, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)

  • President Meurer provided an update from Dr. Lewis on the progress of this project. (Attachments A. “American Polypay Sheep Association, Sheep GEMs update)
  • Pres. Meurer, Todd Taylor and Brett Pharo both encouraged producers to participate if they are able. Currently 12 flocks, with a goal of 20.

Polypay National Online Sale

  • Mark Van Roekel presented information on the 2023 National Polypay Association Online Sale.
  • Sale Date June 27th 2023, on Willoughby’s Auction Platform
  • Official details were provided (Attachment B. “Polypay National Sale”)

Breeding Selection Tool Opportunity

  • Bryce Freking presented an online breeding selection tool that utilizes the NSIP database to help farmers make breeding selections.

Rhino Lamb Research Update

Pres. Meurer presented a report from Dr. Ewert on the progress made in determining the underlining genetic cause of this rare issue. (Attachment C. “Report to the APSA Membership on Dozer/Rhino Lamb Syndrome Research”)

Special Presentation

Glen & Chris Jones (Hidden Valley Farms) presented a resolution recognizing Dr. John and Colleen Carlson for their years of hard work improving the Polypay Breed. (Attachment D. “Dr. Carlson Recognition Resolution”)

Board Election Results

Pres. Meurer presented the results of the annual elecation, Jeremy Refshaw, Zack Meinders, and Nichole Jessen are joining the board.

Meeting was adjourned by consensus

Following the annual meeting (at approx. 9:30pm) the Board of Directors met

Role Call: Mark Meurer, Mark Van Roekel, Matt Chadwick, Jermey Refshaw, Nichole Jessen, Zack Meinders

Officer Elections

  • Pres. Meurer opened the floor for nominations
    • Mark Meurer was nominated for President by Mark Van Roekel, seconded by Matt Chadwick
    • Mark Van Roekel was nominated for Tresurer by Zack Meinders, seconded by Nichole Jessen
    • Matt Chadwick was nominated for secretary by Mark Van Roekel and seconded by Mark Meurer
    • Jeremy Refshaw was nominated for Vice President by Mark Van Roekel and seconded by Matt Chadwick
  • The slate of officers was voted on and approved