December Directors' Meeting Minutes

December 22, 2022

Pres. Mark Meurer called the meeting to Order

Roll call: Mark Meurer, Mark Van Roekel, Kayla Inbody, Zack Meinders, Nichole Jessen, Matt Chadwick, Jeremy Refshaw

Secretary’s Report

Available on website

Treasurer’s Report

Ad expenses going out and Registration income coming in approx. $35,000.00 total

Committee Reports

  • Sale - Rules for the National Sale will be published in the next newsletter (Jan).

  • Advertising - ASI Magazine ad (See attachment A.)

  • Genomics - No new information

  • Youth - Starter Flock updates to be loaded to the website, Motion made by Mark M. and seconded by Matt C. to change the age requirement to 13-18 year olds. Motion passes 6 to 1. Jeremy will update the application and make it available to put on the website

  • Dozer/rhino lamb - Mark reported from Kathy Ewert

    • Publishing findings- similar to muscular dystrophy in humans
    • Talking with Flock 54 and Neogen about developing a test

New Business

  • Facebook page- Nicole originally ran it, it is still active but not being updated. Nicole will work on updating it.
  • Newsletter
    • Out in early Jan.
    • Not printing membership list in newsletter; on website

Old Business

  • Youth Starter Flock applications - Will be available in January on the website
  • Youth Starter Flock Auction - Feb 15 sale date
  • Open registry discussions - existing breed up options are the best effort to preserve the purebred line